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Papers (English)

Metrology in Electromagnetic Nondesrtuctive Testing. Correct Evaluation of Test Parameters. V.V.Sukhorukov. — Materials Evalution, December 2016, pp. 1645-1651

Condition assessment of conductors and ground wires of overhead lines using non-destructive testing based on magnetic flux measurements. V. Y. Volokhovsky, A.N. Vorontsov, V.V. Sukhorukov, V.V. Tsukanov -INTRON PLUS (Moscow), V. A. Shkaptsov -Elektrosetizolyatsiya (Moscow), M.S. Artem’ev, V.V. Chernetsov -Lenenergo (St.Petersburg).—Cigre Science & Engineering, N 6 October 2016

Application of MFL nondestructive testing for automated rope condition monitoring. Dmitry A. Slesarev, Vasily V. Sukhorukov, Alexej V. Semenov. —Report on 11th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing (ECNDT 2014), October 6-10, 2014, Prague, Czech Republic

Electromagnetic Inspection and Diagnostics of Steel Ropes: Technology, Effectiveness and Problems. Vasily V. Sukhorukov, Dmitry A. Slesarev and Alexander N. Vorontsov. —Materials Evaluation, August 2014, Vol. 72, No. 8, pp. 1019–1027.

MFL Technology for Diagnostics and Prediction of Object Condition. V.Sukhorukov.— Proceedings of the 12-th International Conference of the Slovenian Society for Non-Destructive Testing, Slovenia, 4-6 September, 2013, pp.389-402.

Magnetic NDT and computer mogeling of steel ropes deterioration insuspended bridges. A. Vorontsov, D.Sukhorukov, A.Abakumov, A.Zhirnov.— Proceedings of DAMAS 2013 10th International Conference, Dublin, 8-10 July 2013, pp.1101-1108.

Strength assessment of deteriorated OHL conductors and earth wires based on non-destructive testing.V.Volokhovskiy, V.Sukhorukov, V.Tzukanov.— Proceedings of DAMAS 2013 10th International Conference, Dublin, 8-10 July 2013, pp.1156-1163

What can be obtained from NDT of wire ropes? A.Mironenko.—Proceedings of the MINDTCE-13, Malaysia, 17-18 June, 2013

Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing. Strong or Weak Magnetization? V.Sukhorukov.— Materials Evaluation, May, 2013, pp.26-31

Hot Metal Crane Ropes: Magnetic NDT, Capacity Simulation,Strength Safety Temperature Criterion . A.Vorontsov, V.Volokhovsky, V.Sukhorukov. — Proceedings of the OIPEEC Conference, Oxford, 10-12 March, 2013, pp.33-42

Detection and correction of measurement data errors in magnetic and electromagnetic nondestructive testing of materials. D.A.Slesarev. — Materials for Energy and Power Engineering, TU Ilmenau, 4-7 Sept., 2012, pp. 73-78

Nondestructive Testing of Bridge Stay Cables. V. Sukhorukov, D. Sukhorukov, D. Slesarev, A. Mironenko. — NDE/NDT for Highways and Bridges, New York, 21-24 Aug., 2012, pp. 347-352

Automated Assessment of Steel Wire Ropes Residual Life Time Based on Magnetic NDT Data. D.A.Slesarev, A.N. Vorontsov. — Proceedings of the 18th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing, Durban, South Africa, 16-18 April 2012, p.7

Combined approach to damaged wire ropes life-time assessment based on NDT results and rope mechanics. A.Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky, D.Slesarev.— Journal of Physics: Conference series, vol. 35, 2011, pp.9.

Non-destructive testing of large diameter steel wire ropes with Intros instruments. D. Slesarev, A. Vorontsov.— Proceedings of the 16th North Sea Offshore Crane and Lifting Conference, Stavanger, Norway,  12-14 April 2011

Wire ropes NDT discard criteria based on life-time prediction model. A.Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky, D.Slesarev, I.Shpakov.—Proceedings of the 15th North Sea Offshore Cranes & Lifting  Conference, AECC, Aberdeen, UK, 27-29 April 2010, pp.10

Strength assessment of working capacity of steel wire ropes. A.Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky, I.Morin.—The International Journal of Transport & Logistics, Kosice, 2008, pp.163-167

Strength interpretation of non-destructive testing of steel-cord conveyor belts. V. Radin, V.Volokhovsky, A.Vorontsov, V.Sukhorukov. —The International Journal of Transport & Logistics, Kosice, 2008, pp.289-295

Steel ropes NDT of cranes at metallurgical works. V.Sukhorukov.—The International Journal of Transport & Logistics, 2007, рр.8

Non-destructive testing of mining ropes: technical and economical aspects. A.Mironenko, V.Sukhorukov.—Proceedings of the OIPEEC Conference, Greece, 2007, pp. 81-86

Prediction of operating time of steel wire ropes using magnetic NDT data. A. Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky, J. Halonen, J. Sunio.— Proceedings of the OIPEEC Conference, Sept., 2007

Magnetic In-Line Inspection of Pipelines:Some Problems of Defect Detection,Identification and Measurement. D. Slesarev, V. Sukhorukov, S. Belitsky, Intron plus, Moscow, Russia,E. Vasin, N. Stepanov, Diascan, Lukhovitsy, Russia . — ECNDT, 2006

Rope NDT as Means to Raise Safety of Crane and Elevator Use. V. Kotelnikov, V. Sukhorukov.— CINDE Journal, May/June 2006, pp. 11-15

Steel-cord Conveyor Belt NDT. V.Sukhorukov.—The 8th International Conference of the Slovenian Society for Non-Destructive Testing, 1-3 Sept., 2005, pp. 237-244

Practice of Non-Destructive Testing of Steel Wire Ropes and Rope Conveyor Belts. V.Sukhorukov, A.Mironenko. —The International Journal for Transport & Logistics, 06/2004, pp. 217-219

Importance of rope NDT for safe lifting of loading cranes. V.Sukhorukov, V.Kotelnikov, V Zhukov, A. Khudoshin. — Proceedings of the OIPEEC Technical Meeting, Lenzburg, Sept., 2003

Stochastic assessment of steel rope strength using magnetic NDT results. V.Volokhovsky, A.Vorontsov, A.Kagan, V.Sukhorukov. — Proceedings of the OIPEEC Technical Meeting, Lenzburg, Sept., 2003

Monitoring of Mine Hoist Ropes at The Norilsk Nickel Company. V.Sukhorukov, A.Mironenko.— Proceedings of International conference "Mining transport", Szczyrk, Poland, 24-26 Sept., 2003, pp. 111-118

Steel rope NDT in the offshore industry and shipyards. B.Cook, O.Gronau,V.Sukhorukov,E.Verdegaal.— Proceedings of the 8th ECNDT, Barcelona, 17-21 June, 2002 (CD ROM).

NDT of Steel Ropes with Magnetic Flaw Detectors: Documentation and Interpretation of Test Results. Olivier Gronau (DMT,Bochum,Germany), S.Belitsky, V.Sukhorukov (Intron Plus, Ltd.,Moscow,Russia). — Proceedings of World Conference on NDT, Rome, 16-21 Oct., 2000

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