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Brief History of the Company

INTRON PLUS was established in 1988 by Professor Vasily Sukhorukov and team of his followers. From the very beginning the company has been committed to the industrial non-destructive testing and measurement.

The thickness gauge INTROMET ITM-10 for copper thickness measurement in the through holes of printed circuit boards (PCB) was the first original product the company started its business in 1988. Numerous of ITM-10 and its successors has been sold on domestic market. In 1994 the company introduced innovative gauge INTROMET ITM-51, which has been successfully sold worldwide for years under the trademark CAVIDERM™ CDE-5100. Now days the company suggests our customers new model ITM-525.

In 1991 INTRON PLUS has introduced a new project for NDT of steel wire ropes. The rope tester INTROS developed in the middle of 1990-th and improved thereafter according to customers feedback is in big demand worldwide. INTROS conforms to requirements of international standards ASTM E1571, EN 12927-8, IMCA SEL 023, M 197.

 In 2004 the company put on the market the new instrument INTROCON for non-destructive testing of steel cords in conveyor belts. INTROCON is designed to inspect belts whatever width and length during conveyor production run.

INTROS and INTROCON have been delivered to customers in 40 countries and gained good reputation due to its small weight and size, high accuracy, reliability, prompt maintenance.

During years 2002-2007 INTRON PLUS has completed a big job for development of MFL instrument for pipeline inspection, internationally recognized as PIG.

In 1993-2003 Intron Plus was Russian-American JV and a member of Measurement Innovation Corporation. During this decade managers from Intron Plus have been training business matters in the USA with company Transonic Systems Inc.

In 2009 INTRON PLUS has established JV INTRON BRASIL registered and located in Vitoria, Brazil. This JV is concentrated in non-destructing testing in different industries in Brazil, targeting to become a leading inspection service provider in the country.

To date INTRON PLUS is not only supplier of innovative equipment, but also is well known as provider of services in non-destructive testing of wire ropes, steel cord conveyor belts, storage tanks, production casings.

All products and services developed and supplied by INTRON PLUS are targeted towards satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers. Quality of our products is always priority of our business. INTRON PLUS has implemented a Quality Management System which complies with the International ISO 9001:2008 standard. Registration was approved by Bureau Veritas Certification and is regularly renewed since 2006.

INTRON PLUS is corporate member of OIPEEC (International Organization for Rope reliability), ASNT, RSNDTTD

The company now employs 40 employees, mostly educated as electrical and mechanical engineers, having experience and certification in non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics. We can speak to our customers in Russian, Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Polish languages.


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